About Me

Name: Peyton (like duh)

Favorite animal: CAT!!!!!

Nicknames: Petyon, Cruton, P-ton, Peas, Cat=3

Favorite food: waffles!!

Favorite youtuber: Jessii Vee, LDshadowlady, Courtly Jester. Can’t pick!

Favorite Holiday: Halloween!!

Siblings?: Yes a brother, he is in the army:(

Personality: funny, corny, weird, childish, geek.

Favorite comic book character: Harley Quinn!!!

Royal or Rebel? Rebel!

Favorite color? BLUE!!

Gamer? YES

Inside or Outside?? inside

Toys? yes!

Best Friend? Mollie Hopper!

Pokemon? Yes!!!!!!!

Undertale? yes!

Five nights at Freddys? yes!!

Youtube Channel? Yes

Art? yes

Dogs? NO WAY!!!!!

Phone, Ipad, or Tablet? Phone and IPad!

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